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I need to vent. It’s all getting to me. Since nobody ever gets their mind changed by anything ever posted on Facebook, I thought I’d bring my gripes over here where I can at least get them out of my head without hopping on all these various threads on all these current issues. Telling many folks how wrong they are is a lot of work.

“I worked throughout the entire pandemic, share if you can” – Well, congratulations there, Skippy. I and many others would have liked to as well but some of us were subject (through no fault of our own) to furloughs, layoffs, flat out job losses. I would like my work to be uninterrupted, to not be diminished or suffer that stigma, but here we are. Getting furloughed is humiliating, humbling and to see people who are basically bragging that their salary went interrupted is maddening.

“We’re making it too easy for them to stay on unemployment” – This is just really dumb. I hate swiping generalizations like this. I want to contribute, I’m eager to get back at it, I thought the economy would favor me, but that is taking time. The $600 a week that apparently grinds your gears? I’ve been paying into that too and it is making it a little easier to keep my home, pay my car and keep me alive. And none of it, I mean none it is hurting you. Maybe you can’t attract a minimum wage worker for your bubble tea boutique because maybe you aren’t a worthy employer. Maybe it’s you.

“Are you getting excited to be in a restaurant again?” – In a word, no. Covid hasn’t gone anyplace. The icus and emergency rooms just have space now. Nobody knows nothing else with any certainty. Not crazy about masking wearing, especially on a bike ride, but I’m going to continue. If your faith needs to you be in a building to worship, that would be a faith I’d worry about.

“Social Media is dividing us” – Oh, good lord shut up. It is a inanimate object. If you foresake personal responsibilty and just toss stuff out there for the sake of audience reaction (like I’m doing now), own it.

“George Floyd was…” – Again, really flipping dumb. I don’t care if he was a Security guard or securities trader. It doesn’t matter. To invest time searching for disparaging memes, just reveals the amount of how small a person you are. Mr. Floyd’s death was inhumane and I hope the movement spurred continues to affect change.

“All Lives Matter” – If you have ever let this pass your lips, that is just foolish and you are missing the point. All lives should matter but the whole point of the Black Lives Matter movement is that all lives haven’t mattered, that is what needs to be changed. We all need to matter equally and we haven’t.

“Defund the Police” – Of course not! It’s a crappy slogan, but I mean nobody wants to do that despite what the President and certain candidates for congress would have you believe. Instead of spending money on ratcheting up it’s militarization, lighten their load a bit to concentrate on laws, reallocate some of the dollars on other areas to improve the complete picture a little bit. One congressional candidate in the New York 27 has already taken up pandering to that point. I hope that the people who live there ignore him.

“He was scanning their equipment” – There is no way that 75 year old Martin Gugino was “scanning” police frequencies with his consumer cellular smart phone. As a 75 year old, he might have stepped forward a bit to hear what he was being instructed by the Buffalo police. Yes there was a curfew, but no, there was no excuse for the shove or the callous strutting away after said shove.

The police who shot Breona Taylor need to face the music however. I hope the Attorney General can make the charges against Mr. Floyd’s killers stick and  the changes and calls for changes are genuine. This isn’t okay.

I worry of some of the political bluster means something. I am feeling that the mayor of Buffalo came out with a press conference to announce some reforms to mostly say he announced some reforms, much like the parade of companies who through either posters, ads or other collateral mean it, not just doing so with an eye to showing that “some of our best friends are black.”

Confederate symbols – There is one that I would especially like to see come down. McConnell.


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