We’re getting screwed with our pants on.

Wow, if you believe we get the leadership we deserve, we must really stink. There is an old political axiom about how decisions are made by those who show up. There is no disclaimer about how that is a physical or a spiritual appearance.  The state budget process has been broke for as long as I can remember.  When my kids were younger, angry letters to the editor used to be a rite of Spring when the Pataki administration regularly waffled on funding pre-kindergarden classes that were not mandated.  

They have never been on time, never spent within their means and despite the overall economy being seriously broken, our heroes are still spending like drunken state senators.  The fact that the budget was decided by 3 guys who, if pushed couldn’t spell reform, was bad enough. But they seem oblivious to the big picture.

We are all doing with less. In our jobs, we do more with less, stretching dollars and abilities to get more done.  Our fearless leaders apparently don’t subscribe to that. Instead of even pretending to watch spending and not buy what they can’t afford, they are searching for more revenue. New York State is becoming the General Motors of the US. Our business model is busted and the guys at the top are looking for more money to fuel their private jets.  Tje squeezing of blood from the proverbial stone doesn’t apply when it comes to pet projects, committee work stipends and a slew of double dippers. Although I do applaud Raymond Gallagher for getting a conscious and quitting his state post of part time work when a potential raise got revealed. The idea of the state applying download fees is ridiculous. The state is threatening to layoff 8900 union employees if concessions cannot be reached. The less mentioned portion of that is that 8000 people have been hired around the state since our economic picture “got dire.”  Got news, it’s been dire. 

I suppose in one respect they do have something. Not only does all this bad news keep people out, it makes it difficult to leave to, so things should stablize.  Our representatives have to get away from screwing the constituents at every turn.  The latest sin is that there will be no Woodlawn or Bennett Beach available this summer.  It’s a revolting state of affairs when pork barrelled crap makes a disaster day budget, but things that might actually improve quality of life do not.  I know Woodlawn is not exactly paradise, but in a region where the state senators get five figure stipends for going to a small handful of extra meetings but neither has the kahones to speak up for their region? What the hell. Positively gutless.

When the budget here was in a state of flux, the whole department participated in an exchange of ideas, not just 3 shifty guys and a highlighter.

The beach thing especially blows. Since apparently some chucklehead decided that Fort Erie is on the other side of the Rio Grande, casual trips to the Canadian beaches are almost a thing of the past. Seasonal customs help apparently believes they are Dirty Harry, you have to look inward. We used to go to the Holiday Inn on Delaware to partake of their pool club. Since the hotel decided they didn’t want money (?), they in a fit of Albany-like pique, did away with that program.

Any wonder Patterson got booed at the Ballpark yesterday. I know I’m oversimplifying, but holy crap, the state priorities are so unbelivably fubar (and let’s face it, have been).

Yep, we’re getting screwed, and Albany will not respect us in the morning.


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