Midweek Tidbits, Munchkins and Other Pastries

Got out on the bike tonight and it felt great and humbling at the same time. I do wonder what it does to the thought processes after awhile. Me on a bike through Gates Circle is a sight me in my car would have thought to be a true idiot. But I made the trek down to Delaware Park and did a lap of the famous ring road, periodically running along this teenage girl on an old school style banana seat style bike. I don’t think she lapped me, but she wasn’t working hard either.

I was working hard. It’s part of my process of learning to navigate city traffic. Buffalo drivers do sort of suck. The mentality seems to be “Go right-a-fucking head” upon viewing a yield sign. I would like to see our residents navigate something like New York’s Henry Hudson Parkway as part of renewing drivers licenses. That would separate the posers from the true motorists in a heartbeat. Felt good to get out and shake the cobwebs from the first part of the week. Did a slow roll back up Elmwood and it is always a neat way to see the world.

I think the Buffalo Kayak tour is calling for Sunday. I’ve been thinking and thinking and it is time just shut up and do it. You should come.

I read a revue of a Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band show from Europe that described the show as phenomenal and quite a victory lap. Victory lap? That is a cliche that smells like the end is near. It’s to be expected and if that is the case, it’s been a hell of a ride, but I’d like one more round. The current tour could add a Buffalo stop, after all we’ve mean to one another, c’mon Bruce, one more and I’ll quit making snide comments about “Queen of the Supermarket.” Ah, well, that alone might make a small road trip worth doing.

Dealing with a waffling sponsor prospect for my office which unnecessarily stressed me and ruined the afterglow of a good sponsor meeting to start the day yesterday. Got to love a meeting where they feed you. Bacon should always play a role in these proceedings. Good folks to work with and I hope we can come together.

This beat impaired old duffer is headed down to see George Clinton tomorrow night. For free? hell yeah, Uncle Jam wants you. Good tunes and beer, these are a few of my favorite things.

Got a bonus night with my loyal traveling companion last night, the resulting Family Guy marathon, videogaming and munching of Mr. Pizza’s finest did us both a world of good.

Wednesday was better for it.


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