Why isn’t Fred Jackson starting?

He seems to be only guy coming to play lately. The Bills are awful, the injuries have made the defense porous and the craptastic play calling and overall play of everybody else has increased their burden. It seems like the Bills were close to having an offensive personality in the first few games of the season having beaten Tampa and actually playing New England tough. They might have won that if Leodis would have…well, you know that part.

It just seems that any offense dissipated the moment Marshawn Lynch came back from his season opening suspension. Any personality was lost, productivity evaporated and meltdowns have become de riguer on Sundays.

Last season, it was pretty easy to envision Jackson and Lynch in a modern day revival of Kenneth Davis and Thurman Thomas, but this year I think Jackson needs to be in the Thurman part. The team was better. Given how just flat out bad they were yesterday, the Bills would be better off.

That fourth quarter hurt my feelings. Poor coaching, exhausted defense, unimaginative offense, it’s like Ralph doesn’t care if we watch.

Hey, you don’t think……


One thought on “Why isn’t Fred Jackson starting?

  1. Totally agree with you…Marshawn Lynch still has some trade value, so get rid of Lynch and try to bolster the O-line to compensate for the injuries. Jackson always keeps his feet churning to grind out an extra yard or two or three, unlike Lynch, who has been very average at best; also, if the Bills go with the Wildcat more often, Jackson can run the show.

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