Winter Classic 3.0

Ours will always be the coolest since we were first and it was ours, but I got a kick out of the Winter Classic from Fenway Park. They may have done the best job with the surface so far in terms of utilizing the whole field area. I ushered the one at the Ralph and got a kick out of the people in the lower rows thinking that if they stood, they would magically get better views (through the boards) of the play. I got to imagine the Steinbrenner family would love to have this in Yankee Stadium for the Rangers, but this one looked pretty good. It was also kind of fun seeing the Flyers lose at the last second. Fenway only holds 38000 people so it had a nice intimate feel. I had to switch over to the CBC since those guys know how to cover a hockey game. First two periods were a little schnooze worthy. In fact I did get a good nap, but it was interesting watching the third where the late afternoon shadows had to make life tough on everybody.

Doesn’t that look cool. Another reason to enjoy the upper deck when you hit the ballpark. At some point the Leafs and Canadiens should figure into these proceedings, but it will be a hoot to see where the NHL goes next January. Nice game today.

Somehow, I don’t think a Yankee Stadium or Rogers Centre would have the elan.


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