Cops is filmed on location

Well, just how you want to start a Monday…

I knew something was off, as I woke this morning feeling pretty good. Pulled out of the driveway with the car filled with a really nice version of “Bartender” by Dave Matthews coming from the cd player. Nice vibe for the short drive into my office.

The local gendarme has taken to parking a car at the exit of Delaware Park for some official reason, I think, mostly to garner some extra change.

I follow rules of the road and pull up at Amherst and Colvin and out of my side mirror see a police car jockeying for position, but it was unclear as to what he was doing. I turn into the park on Colvin and he fires up the lights, looking for me.


The kind officer wanted to know if I knew why I was stopped and I honestly couldn’t tell him. Apparently, back at Nottingham and the Park’s exit, it looked to him like I was on my phone talking.

My phone was resting my pocket, where it wasn’t used since Sunday afternoon. After he discovered that, he asked me about hands free devices, told him I don’t use any as I don’t take calls while I drive.

With that I was free to go, without a ticket. I guess the lack of a ticket was his apology for wasting both of our time, embarrassing me (as my boss drove by during my bust) and of course, being wrong.

Heck of a way to start the day.


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