Goin’ Down the Road

It dawned on me as I left the Machine’s show at Artpark this week that is it is sometimes good for the music to get a little smaller. For many folks, they watched the show entirely on a monitor. While there is nothing wrong with that, you don’t necessarily need to “See” the show to experience it, it feels like sometimes something is lost in the translation.


The above was a facebook graphic making the rounds and the notion of “wanting less, decrapifying life, and enjoying something simpler jumped out at me. Sometimes it’s good for your music to get a little smaller.

Unplugged for a saturday night of music and mirth and it was truly a beautiful experience. You can lose yourself in a “little village” of 150 just as easily as in city of 50,000 stadium ticket holders.

It’s always liberating to lose yourself in something bigger than you. That’s why people do it. But with kindred spirits, musicians playing for the sake of making good music, trees and sky adding ambiance, a cooler and grass can have it all over a bar and a cover charge.


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