Lucic’s fault

Things aren’t quite right.

Ever since Milan Lucic barreled into the Sabres’ Ryan Miller in early November, things have been a little askew.

The Sabres have been an uneven mess ever since. They have been a collection of players occasionally a team, after starting the season so well. Definitely Lucic’s fault.

Our former outworldly goalie has had trouble finding his game after coming back from the injury inflicted by the collision. Again,  Lucic’s fault.

A record amount of Sabres have gone on the injury list since. Probably Lucic’s fault.

Sabres-Senators games used to have that fine scent of rivalry, now, because of all the rookies are just another game. I think we connect the dots

Perhaps, thinking about his home team, Fred Jackson tried to do too much and suffered a season ending injury which derailed a promising Bills season and paved the way for the Patriots to take control of the AFC East, a coincidence you say? Well, Lucic plays up the road from, yeah, the Patriots.

Seems to me that after the holidays, the Sabres’ brass should lift the Lucic curse by doing something radical, like trading for him.


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