Vagabound Ramblings, Part II

Some notes in no particular order as the sun is actually shining.

I know we are getting some snow soon and the weather is about to change, not because a talking head told me, but because a sinus headache has arrived to foreshadow the big fun.

That said, I’m up for tubing down the Skyway on Sunday at the Powder Keg Festival. That is ironic as I’m usually not comfortable driving my car down the Skyway.

The word is NHL teams can start hold practices today and some wags suggest that is good because Lindy Ruff should be available tomorrow. Ryan Miller was sensational, but I hope the experience doesn’t drain him for the Sabres stretch run. I think the Sabres are a player or two from making a deep run, but hopefully Lalime can find his form of earlier in January and they can continue to represent, yo.

Nice of NBC to finally join the party by televising the USA Men’s Hockey team today after relegating the USA/Canada matchup to their channel that even leftists are getting tired of. Rachel Maddow is easily their best show at the moment and I couldn’t help but wonder if she shouldn’t replace Bob Costas who doesn’t sound like he is at all comfortable talking hockey. There can’t be any further miracle on ice, but if Canada and the US do face off again, it would be fun for Al Michaels to be at the mic.

Till then, this viewer is watching CTV. They may be homers, but they know how to show a game.

Back to the weather, feels like everyone is in some degree of funk. I know I am. Mine started earlier in February. I think the lack of sunlight is a definite mood changer.

I’m chasing sponsors for work and most have done a good job of going underground. Nothing like a little extra stress to welcome my old friend, insomnia back for a late winter visit.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up…..


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